About IM4

IM4 provides a much needed solution to improve intervention programming for students who exhibit social, emotional, and behavioral challenges that serve as barriers to learning. IM4 simplifies intervention programming by coordinating the process from beginning to end: Match, Map, Monitor, and Meet.

The IM4 system has many ready-to-go interventions based on whether the student’s main problems of concern are due to a performance-deficit (won’t do or lack of will) and acquisition-deficit (can’t do or lack of skill). Each intervention is coupled with an automated implementation-facilitation function, such as a step-by-step outline of the active ingredients, customizability progress monitoring tool that can be tailored case-by-case, and fidelity checklist to track the degree to which the intervention is delivered as planned. Also, there is a function to add Ad Hoc interventions and simply use the IM4 as an automated implementation aid to do planning, PM, graphing, fidelity check and decision making.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at im4@umn.edu.