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IM4 is built on the understanding that interventions will be more likely to succeed if the most appropriate, evidence-based intervention is matched to each student’s specific need. Each intervention in IM4 is coupled with an automated implementation-facilitation function to assure that the most appropriate intervention is not only identified but is implemented effectively, providing a great tool for your staff to keep everything in one place! 

Application Pricing

School Site Licenses Cost
1 site $699 per school
2-5 sites $679 per school
6-10 sites $659 per school
11-20 sites $639 per school
21-50 sites $619 per school
51+ sites $599 per school

Licenses are good through one year, with option to renew.

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Services Included in Pricing:

  • Application maintenance
  • Video tutorials
  • Troubleshooting
  • Faculty Consultation (additional cost)

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