IM4 Training Options

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Included with your purchase of the IM4 application, under the “Resources” tab inside the IM4 application, are multiple training videos and guides that any user can access once their license is activated. Resources include:

  • Video based guided tutorials
  • MTSS Training videos
  • IM4 Training video of Dr. Cook
  • IM4 intervention scripts

Recognizing additional trainings may be desired, we also offer in-person and remote trainings identified below, at an additional cost.

In an effort to help schools and staff prepare for the return of students who may have experienced trauma, including students with a parent who had lost a job or gotten sick, students whose families move frequently, and homelessness students, IM4 is now offering virtual trainings with SEL/MTSS trainers. Any of the trainings listed below can be conducted virtually, we can also adapt any training to meet the needs of your school.

In-Person Trainings

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Each training is 4 hours long, and costs $2000.00 plus travel expenses.

Training Topics include:

  • MTSS, Tier 1 and Tier II Readiness Training
    Provides an overview of the MTSS model and explains how the success of Tier II interventions rely on the foundation of a solid Tier 1, universal support system, for all students.
  • Why IM4?: The Research and Evidence behind the IM4 process
    Provides a thorough look into the purpose and research behind each of the key components (Match, Map, Monitor and Meet) of the IM4 system and how they contribute to the powerful impact of the IM4 system in matching the most successful intervention to a specific student.
  • IM4 Interventions; Acquisition vs. Performance-based Needs
    Provides a detailed look into how IM4 can help in figuring out what is driving a student's difficulties. Matching the student to the most effective intervention by entering data based on students behavior will identify students difficulty as an Acquisition Deficit, or a Behavioral Deficit.

IM4 Implementation Trainings

  • Implementation Training: 2 hours, computer based, training
    Our IM4 facilitator will assist you in setting up your IM4 account structure for your district, school, or organization. This training will cover school/organization/district set-up, adding staff members, students, reporting features, and demonstrate how to navigate the IM4 system.
    • $500.00
  • In-person MTSS Training WITH IM4 Implementation Training
    6 hour training: 4-hour IM4 training, 2-hour implementation
    Geared toward school leadership team, and IM4 admins. The IM4 training will cover MTSS, Tier 1 and Tier II, how to ensure fidelity, data driven decision making, and describe in depth the process of the IM4 model and the nature of the specific interventions.
    • $3000.00, plus travel

We also offer customized/tailored training sessions based on the specific needs in your school/district.

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